Soul Work

Lot’s of people say there is one thing that makes us who we are. It’s the best version of ourselves, the blueprint for our core being. Our soul. However, because of the things life throws at us we tend to shield the purest parts of ourselves from pain and turmoil inflicted by people or events. We construct this outer mask, a lie of sorts, so that we feel protected and safe in the world.

However, we have to recover the purest parts of ourselves and let ourselves be exposed to people who care about us and want to treasure us. I think one of the many ways we can do that is by learning to forgive. Now, it may sound a bit silly or maybe impossible depending on how you look at it but i think it’s true. Now, i don’t have a lot of experience on how to forgive and I’ve had my fair share of emotionally draining encounters that have left me weak like most of us have. And i admit forgiving is really hard and takes a lot of strength to do but i think once you forgive you can move along healthily in your life.

One of the steps I’ve learned in my process of forgiving and really in most steps to getting help/better is by first admitting you have a problem, meaning, admitting the issue happened and addressing the need to forgive so you can move on and not let the lingering pain run your life. Once you address the issue it gets easier to accept over time and lets you slowly but surely get more comfortable with the fact it happened and now can let yourself take the next step into forgiveness.

I’m no expert but something i have experienced and can say should be a next step in forgiving is empathizing. empathizing is not to be confused with sympathizing. Empathizing is where you see the other persons perspective by putting yourself in their shoes and sympathizing is where you understand someones suffering. By empathizing with the person who hurt you while tough can be very rewarding. I say this in the sense that the truest way to know you have forgiven someone is when you start to feel sorry for them. By this i mean you stop looking for them to fail, you stop thinking about the hurt they caused you, you don’t link every bad thing they’ve ever done to the once incident, you are willing to help them in their time of need.

All these thing i believe are the way to unlocking the truest part of ourselves again and making this post is helping me to see things in a new perspective so i hope it helps you too.

Published by teayannaa

I love art, music, anime and the color purple.

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