Today at work I was drawing as is my usual tradition when the flow is slow or the kids are occupied doing one thing or another with a different teacher. I usually man the coloring/drawing or playdough station and since nobody wanted to play with playdough some of the kids wanted to color. About 10 minutes into my drawing the kids start to look at my paper and watch me as I work. Now, this isnt unusual and often times they compliment me and are then motivated to draw themselves and that makes me feel good.

However, this time around one of the girls who as watching said, “Wow, how do you do that? I wish I could draw like you.” And honestly I was flattered and I usually am when the kids are in awe of us and want to be like us in a way because then I feel like I’m doing a good job as a teacher and I’m opening young minds to possibilities.

I offered to teach her because I love to pass along the knowledge and love of art to kids. She took a few turns drawing a eye I had showed her to do and seemed to be flustered and a bit angry at the fact that she couldnt get it right. Her sister who was watching on eagerly explained that she was a good artist to which the girl replied hastily that she wasn’t and compared herself to me. And that broke my heart.

It reminded me of my younger self and sometimes my current self, when I compare my art to other people and dont feel good enough even though I am. I explained to the girl that it would take practice and I would help her along in anyway I could if she wanted. That got a smile and we decided to trade picture for picture before she left. So I drew her a picture and she drew me one. We also talked about writing a book together where she would write the plot, I would draw the characters and another coworker of mine would color the sketches in. I’m actually really looking forward to doing that. So, here I will leave the picture from the girl who is a talented artist and can definently draw bodies and hands better than me.

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I love art, music, anime and the color purple.

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